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Adult role models in Scouting provide an ideal learning experience for all youth. Every adult volunteer has something valuable to offer. On a typical weekend campout, a Scout might work with an adult volunteer who teaches the fishing merit badge, with a Scout mom teaching orienteering, go on a 5-mile hike with another adult leader, and end the day learning how to clean and cook fresh fish from his dad.

As your child progresses through the ranks of Scouting, your involvement and interaction with him or her will change. Cub Scouting requires much closer supervision and guidance on an individual project and activity level as you "search, discover and share". As young boys learn to interact with others, the parent is constant, someone safe to return to, as they learn and grow in their world.

In Boy Scouting as boys become young men, they learn more through experiences and group activities, developing subject knowledge and leadership skills. In this type of learning, your child may be less dependent on your direct involvement, but still require your support and approval. These experiences and group activities give the parent an ideal opportunity to observe and coach, providing reassurance and advice. These are the moments that make a Scout Parent especially proud.

In Venturing and Sea Scouts, young men and women lead the activities of the group, with guidance by adult advisors and mentors.

MANDATORY Training for Parents
Youth Protection

How can you help? Here are a few ideas:

Assisting directly with the Scouts on an ongoing basis

■ Leader (Cubmaster, Den leader, Scoutmaster, Venturing Crew Advisor, Skipper)
■ Assistant leader
■ Board of review coordinator/member
■ Court of honor coordinator/member

Helping directly with the Scouts in specific events or activities

■ Event coordinator/event committee member
■ Pinewood derby coordinator/committee member
■ Service project coordinator/committee member
■ Camping trip participant
■ Banquet coordinator/committee member
■ Day camp coordinator/participant
■ Summer camp coordinator/participant/promotion
■ Merit badge counselor

Support: Administrative Role

■ Advancement committee chair/member
■ Communications committee chair/committee member (Webmaster, PR, newsletter)
■ Secretary: recordkeeping, activity permits, meeting minutes, annual recharter activities
■ Treasurer/assistant treasurer
■ Youth Protection training coordinator
■ Life to Eagle coordinator
■ Merit badge coordinator

Support: Other

■ Chartered organization representative
■ Friends of Scouting coordinator (fund-raising)
■ Unit committee chair/member
■ Unit youth recruiter
■ Product sales committee coordinator/member
■ Promoter of district/council events to parents
■ Religious award committee coordinator/member
■ Trainer
■ District/council committee member
■ Transportation coordinator
■ Historian
■ Quartermaster (supplies)

Contact the Scout Service Center at (562) 427-0911