A cornerstone of the Boy Scout programs is training. Training shows new leaders how to do their jobs and allows for an interchange of ideas with more experienced leaders. Every Scout deserves qualified, trained leaders who will provide the best program possible, the way it is intended. Trained leaders ensure that the goals of Scouting are met. The leadership training program of the Boy Scouts of America provides this information and helps leaders become confident in carrying out their responsibilities.

There are many opportunities available to youth and adults at various levels to further develop. Scouting offers many courses to choose from. Whether it is Den Chief Training to Unit Commisioner Fast Start, there is something for everyone. The Long Beach Area Council and BSA offer these courses convienently online or in person.

Every Scout deserves a Trained Leader


Online Training Center

The online training center provides a variety of materials and references to complete courses, all designed to help our members improve leadership skills and deliver a quality program.