Search & Rescue Shoulder patch

Long Beach Search and Rescue is an award-winning Specialist Explorer Post co-sponsored by the Long Beach Police Motor Patrol Association and Long Beach Firefighters' Associations. Specialist Explorer Post #279 is a part of the Learning for Life program, a subsidiary of the Boy Scouts of America.

We provide young adults an opportunity to serve the public during emergency situations, and encourage them to explore career possibilities in the law enforcement, fire protection and emergency medical services fields.

Current Operations
Members of Long Beach Search and Rescue meet weekly on Tuesday nights to train in various aspects of urban search and rescue.

Training includes:
- Rescue team organization
- Introduction to Long Beach Police and Fire Departments
- Communications
- Traffic and crowd control
- Fire suppression
- First aid and CPR
- Emergency rescue and transfer
- Search patterns
- High-angle rescue
- Rappelling, and more.

All of this training is put to use when called to assist in:
- Missing person/evidence searches
- Support at major fires
- SWAT team support
- Aircraft accidents
- Support during major wind/rain storms
- Mass casualty incidents
- Earthquake response
- Major crime scenes
- Body recoveries
- Sobriety checkpoints
- Command post operations
- Neighborhood evacuations
- Power failures
- First aid teams at community events
- Other support at community events

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Contact the Scout Service Center at (562) 427-0911 for more information

 Search & Rescue practicing ladder entry