Find a Local Scout Unit to Join - FAQs

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Want more information about joining?

Here are some frequently asked questions that will answer many of your questions. You'll be filling out an application to join in no time!

1. How much is it?

The national registration fee is $24 per year. All uniform parts and handbook cost about $75. Additional dues apply at the pack or troop level. These dues vary by unit and are collected to cover the cost of awards, meeting supplies, training, and activities specific to that unit. 

2. When are the meetings?

We have over 122 packs and troops in our service area. Meeting times and dates vary - they depend on what Pack or Troop you join. They may be any evening Monday - Friday, either after school or in the evening. Typically 1-2 weekends per month are reserved for field trips, outings, and activities.

3. What is my role as a parent/guardian? 

Scouting is a volunteer-run organization. We recommend you be as involved as possible. Other parents and Scout leaders in the program are volunteers themselves. They know the time commitment and will work with your schedule. There is always a role you can play to contribute.

The legacy of Scouting and its positive impact on young people is made possible by parents and adults like you who volunteer their time, talents, and energy for youth. Experience has shown that a youth's success in Scouting is directly related to active, supportive adults.  

4. What do Scouts do? 

Cub Scouts (ages 6-10) go places and try new things. Visit a fire station, camp with your family, and built a go-kart. Make a wooden toolbox, learn to change a flat tire, meet the mayor of your city. Learn to shoot a bow and arrow, race a pinewood derby car down a track, and catch your first fish. All these activities and more happen in a family-friendly environment that emphasizes FUN and DOING YOUR BEST.    

Boy Scouts (ages 11-18) experience outdoor adventure. Learn first aid techniques, prepare a family budget, jump into a freezing cold lake. Maneuver a canoe, fly a glider, cook in the outdoors. Camp away from home for a week, build your own fire, and sleep in a tent you set up. These young men gain a little more independence as they take leadership roles and take charge of groups of their peers.

Boy Scouts learn how to use a knife, a hatchet, and a compass. They can build fires and build overnight shelters in the mountains. They operate motorboats, rock climb, perform respectful flag ceremonies, launch model rockets, and give tens of thousands of service hours back to the community.

These experiences and challenges shape a boy into a young man of skill, leadership abilities, and outstanding character.

5. What is the process to join?

There are three ways to help you find what you are looking for:

1. Visit, enter your zip code, and search for a Pack, Troop, or Crew in your neighborhood. Click link below or on the sidebar. 

2. Call the Scout Service Center (562) 427-0911 in Bixby Knolls to speak with a District Executive about joining Scouting. Click blue tab below. 

3. Browse various Pack and Troop websites using blue tab below. Note: not all units have websites posted. 

  • Once you get in touch with a volunteer Scout leader, he or she will have an application for you and your son to fill out.
  • Soon after completing your applications, you will want to visit the Scout Shop to get his uniform and book.  

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