Spring Camporee 2018

"Put the Outing in Scouting"

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What is Camporee?

Join over 200 Boy Scouts and adult leaders for a weekend of non-stop fun, patrol competitions, and good cooking.

The Camporee is a patrol based competition that reinforces leadership and problem solving. Regardless of the event names, Scout's agree that the teamwork, fun, and pride they experience when accomplishing their tasks will stay with them for life.


GaGa Ball dodgeball in a pit 
Pancake Nirvana   cook a pancake to match the color of a sample pancake
Ancient Manual Crane   scouts will have to work as a team to maneuver an object using ropes
Injured Scout provide appropriate first aid then set up a shelter blindfolded
Knot Tying scouts will face a challenge involving 8 different knots to tie a log between two trees
Obstacle Course obstacle course  


For more information: contact Camporee Chair This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..